Bridge View House’s latest Inspection Report from the Care Inspectorate has been published, and is now available to download. The conclusion of the report is that:

The home is currently operating at a good level. The service has recently appointed a new manager who is still finding her feet within the home (while having a lot of experience within the sector generally). A staff team with low turnover who work well as a team provide good care to residents.
from the Inspection Report 2014

Colin Rhodes, owner and Director of the care home said;

“We are delighted to be continuing to provide a service our residents and their families are happy with. We will continue to strive for the best care and environment for our residents to enjoy. Bridge View House is continually investing in our people and the building to ensure that standards will be maintained and improved in the coming years.

I am proud of the great staff we have at our care home, who make Bridge View House the welcoming and happy home it is.”

An extensive programme of works are ongoing in the home, to improve lighting and facilities for our residents.

These are the grades we achieved:

Quality of care and support4Good
Quality of environment4Good
Quality of staffing4Good
Quality of management and leadership4Good