Ella Lothian (Housekeeping), Heather Allison (Home Manager) and Heather McInearney (Housekeeping).

left to right: Ella Lothian (Housekeeping), Heather Allison (Home Manager) and Heather McInearney (Housekeeping).

It might seem from the front of house that everything always runs smoothly and efficiently, but there are exceptional times when our wonderful staff need to react quickly to events and circumstances outwith our control, which could not have possibly been anticipated or avoided.

Recently we experienced one such emergency, and our housekeeping staff reacted immediately and effectively to keep the home running without any hiccup for our residents. After a short power cut in our laundry, Ella and Heather worked additional hours to clear the backlog, showing great commitment to the home and our residents. Here they are pictured with Heather, our Home Manager, receiving a small gift of gratitude.

They are a shining example of ‘one team together’. Here at Bridge View House, we like to recognise and reward the exceptional efforts and work ethic of our colleagues.

A big thank you to Ella and Heather and all our wonderful staff who make Bridge View House a happy home to our residents.