Therapy ponies light up our care home

Therapy ponies light up our care home

We enjoyed some very special visitors to our residential care home on Friday. Yes, your eyes do not deceive, we had ponies come to visit our nursing home. It was lovely to see residents’ (and staff!) faces light up when these beauties rode into town. We thought we’d share a few pictures with you, and hope these photos convey the joy and fun we had with these wonderful animals.  


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Things go bump in the night at Dundee care home

Things go bump in the night at Dundee care home

Strange goings-on have been witnesses at a local Dundee nursing home, where witnesses have been seeing the most unusual and dramatic sights, and hearing other-worldly sounds. 

A wail of a time

Bridge View House’s original manse rises imposingly over the historic Magdalen Green and over the slivery Tay across the Tay Bridge in the heart of William McGonagall’s stomping grounds and just round the corner from Scotland’s greatest poet’s home.

…and a chilling tale

Staff and residents at the home reported strange goings on just a few days ago, when weird ghouls, ghosts and vampires walked the corridors of the old Georgian house, and the sound of singing, laughter and joy echoed through the home, as the party went on into the wee hours of the night!

Manager Heather Allison said; “We had a real scream at our annual Halloween Party when staff and residents joined in to create an atmospheric and fun party, when we let out our inner demons, and party animals.”

Some say they heard the voice of the great poet himself reciting his greatest works…


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